12 yoga poses that Annie Clarke loves for bloating, back pain, hips and bloating

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    If you’ve returned to the office and your back, neck, or shoulders hurt, chances are you’re stiff from sitting at a desk all day. Enter the stage, our guide to the many yoga poses that can help relieve stiffness, increase flexibility, and more.

    It comes like the new lululemon The Global Wellbeing Index – which surveyed 10,000 people around the world – finds that not only has the pandemic encouraged an increased focus on helping mental health, but also a prioritization of physical activity as a strategy adaptation key.

    Of course, it goes without saying that yoga is no substitute for therapy, but the benefits of yoga are quite considerable, with the practice promising to alleviate everything from bad moods to grinding hips. As a lululemon ambassador and yoga teacher Annie Clark explains, “Yoga has a plethora of benefits for body and mind.”

    “Whether you’re looking for holistic support or something to help with a specific problem, yoga is a brilliant practice to keep in your toolbox,” she continues.

    Without further ado, the pro will guide you through her must-have moves. Want to try it with the help of a trained professional, or have you never tried the downward dog before? Our guides to the best yoga and yoga classes for beginners will help you.

    Yoga poses: 12 to try tonight

    There are many different types of yoga – from

    1. Yoga pose for balance: Vriksasana (tree pose)

    Why is it good for balance? “Tree Pose is a great pose for balance because with one leg standing you can place the sole of the other foot on the floor and then move it towards the ankle and gradually higher inside of the standing leg (avoiding the knee) as your balance develops,” says Clarke. “Ultimately, you can play with arm variations to challenge and explore balance in different forms.”

    Try it yourself:

    2. Yoga pose for more flexibility: Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle or Butterfly Pose)

    Why it’s good for flexibility: Almost any yoga pose will help you develop flexibility, shares the yogi, but the one she really loves is the butterfly pose. “It’s great for tight hips but can also be great for your spine.”

    Try it yourself:

    3. Yoga pose for back pain: forward bend

    Why it’s good for back pain: Note here – Clarke shares that back pain can be caused by many things, so it’s important to get specific advice from a medical professional about your condition. “If your back is feeling temporarily stiff – rather than a long-term issue – a forward bend is a simple but effective way to open up the back of the body and relieve some stiffness in both your back and on the back of the legs.”

    Try it yourself:

    4. Yoga pose for constipation: twists

    Why it’s good for constipation: Did you know? “Twists are great for stimulating blood flow to the digestive system,” says Clarke. “As a result, taking an incline twist can really benefit you when you suffer from constipation or other digestive discomforts.”

    Try it yourself:

    5. Yoga Pose for Bloating: Belly Breathing

    Why it’s good for bloating: Depending on the cause of the bloating, Clarke would recommend different poses accordingly. “One thing I find particularly effective is focusing on abdominal breathing to relieve the discomfort of bloating,” she explains. Why? Because, she continues, often when we’re bloated, we try to hold ourselves in the belly, but encouraging deep belly breaths can help soften the area and relieve discomfort.

    “You can do this lying down or sitting down and place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach, or both hands on your stomach if that’s more comfortable. Slowly begin to deepen your breath in your lower hand so you can feel the belly rise and fall with the breath,” she recommends. Our guides to breathing training and the causes of bloating might also help.

    Try it yourself:

    6. Hip Yoga Pose: Anjaneyasana (crescent slot)

    Why it’s good for bloating: According to the yoga teacher, there are many brilliant poses to help tight hips. “One of my favorites is the crescent lunge,” she shares.

    “This pose is great for allowing you to gently open the front of the hip, while the back leg supports your weight. You can keep your hands on your hips or reach them above your head as you gently pull forward and open up the front of the body,” she continues.

    Try it yourself:

    7. Yoga pose for pregnancy: Cow cat

    Why it’s good for pregnancy: The cat cow is great during pregnancy because it can really help with back pain, says Clarke.

    “You want to be mindful not to engage your lower back too much, but focus more on your chest and shoulders and you’ll probably find this to be a great yoga pose during pregnancy,” she shares.

    Try it yourself:

    8. Yoga poses for the root chakra: Sukhasana or easy installation

    Why it’s good for the root chakra: Have you ever heard of your root chakra? In yoga, it refers to the base of your spine and, in essence, is the foundation of life that helps ground you.

    So what’s the best pose to connect with it? “A great pose for connecting to your root chakra is an easy pose,” she shares. “This cross-legged seated pose allows you to really focus on building a strong foundation and connecting to your root.”

    Try it yourself:

    9. Yoga pose for sleeping: Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)

    Why it’s good for sleep: “I love the forward folds to promote restful sleep,” says Clarke. “A seated forward bend is also a great choice – you can use cushions or a yoga block under your forehead for more relaxation.”

    Try it yourself:

    10. Yoga pose to relax: Savasana

    Why it’s good for relaxation: Savasana isn’t just for graduation, FYI. “You can strike this pose anytime you want to encourage a sense of relaxation in body and mind,” the yogi explains. “Putting a bolster under your knees, using an eye pillow and covering yourself with a blanket really takes it to a new level.”

    Try it yourself:

    11. Yoga Poses for Menstrual Cramps: Child’s Pose

    Why it’s good for menstrual cramps: Clarke recommends trying Child’s Pose. “Really think about using your breath to create space in the body to help relieve cramps,” she recommends.

    Try it yourself:

    12. Yoga pose for anxiety: Pranayam

    Why it’s good for anxiety: “Pranayama practices can be amazing for anxiety — because yes, it’s still a type of yoga,” Clarke reassures.

    She recommends trying Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing. “Both are a great way to help reduce anxiety. Not so sure? Simplify it and just take sama vritti pranayama where you inhale for a count (say 1-2-3-4) then exhale for the same count.

    Try it yourself:

    So there you have it – twelve yoga poses to guide you through all sorts of ailments.

    Remark : If your symptoms persist or last longer than about three days, make an appointment with a specialist to make sure you get the right treatment.