Hostetter is a former infantryman, sheriff’s deputy, SWAT officer, and police chief. This part of his journey is not particularly surprising. President Donald Trump enjoyed widespread support in the (white) law enforcement community, and the presence of former police officers and active soldiers at the Stop the Steal rally andRead More →

Famous Yogacharya (Teacher) of Dhule and Yoga Teacher at JJT University, Dr Rajendra Nikumbh has been promoted to International Yoga Teacher and Evaluator by Yoga Department, AYUSH Ministry, Central Government of India. There are only eighteen people from all over India who passed this “surveillance test” were promoted. Meanwhile, DrRead More →

Sienna Stark, a 13-year-old certified yoga instructor in Park City, offers online yoga classes for kids.Photo by Brad Olson Sienna Stark wants to make yoga accessible to children, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. This 13-year-old certified yoga instructor and Park City resident offers yoga programs on her website ItsRead More →