Many people don’t associate yoga with weightlifting. However, you will be surprised to know that a few simple yoga poses can help you improve your lifting techniques, increase your strength and flexibility, improve your postural alignment, and protect your shoulders and back from injury. So if you are wondering howRead More →

Actress and reality TV host Shilpa Shetty’s name is synonymous with yoga. The star is a true blue fitness enthusiast who regularly shares photos and videos of practicing different yoga asanas. Her latest music video features three easy yoga asanas that are beneficial for overcoming period pain, PCOD issues, andRead More →

Reyash received her certification from Anand Shekhar School of Yoga on July 27, 2021, after completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Nine-year-old Reyash Surani has become the youngest certified yoga instructor with a clip of him practicing different poses garnering both admiration and praise. The youngster started practicing yogaRead More →

Sure, goat yoga is Instagrammable and quirky, but there’s something beautiful and transformative about hanging in the sky, nestled in silk, like a butterfly emerging from your cocoon. Enter aerial yoga. Along with providing many physical and mental benefits and fun acrobatics, aerial yoga is rapidly gaining momentum as aRead More →