4 best yoga poses during pregnancy by Tanny Bhattacharjee

Yoga is deeply rooted in our culture. Its essence has been important since ancient times. Yoga helps align your mind, body and senses. It is suggested to do yoga even during pregnancy, which benefits both child and mother. Prenatal yoga expert Tanny Bhattacharjee has selected the 4 best yoga poses for pregnant women.


This pose helps ease tension in the hips, thighs, and lower back. This prenatal asana will help increase strength for childbirth. Great for digestion, such as during pregnancy, constipation is a common problem during pregnancy.


It is the only asana that can work after eating, although behind it it helps relieve indigestion, lower back pain, and build pelvic muscles.


It reduces lower back pain, knee pain, prevents indigestion and strengthens pelvic muscles and thigh muscles


The practice of this asana helps to open up the hips and becomes effective in reducing tension in the lower back and infused pains due to abdominal weight during pregnancy.

Tanny Bhattacharjee is an internationally certified prenatal yoga teacher who has helped moms practice their prenatal yoga. She takes classes all over the world and has since felt that prenatal practice needs special attention. The online classes are one-to-one so that she can give the mother-to-be her full attention and correcting the posture is easier.

She suggests that all expectant mothers see a doctor if there are any health issues related to pregnancy before practicing yoga.

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