Anna Haddad, yoga teacher, ONEYOGAHOUSE

Anna Haddad became a yoga student 20 years ago. At the time, she was in a demanding job in finance and realized that yoga allowed her to connect instead of disconnect. Guided by intuition, she quit her job on Wall Street to pursue a new career.

Going to today, Haddad is the founder of ONEYOGAHOUSE, a soon to be opened studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn and Montauk. His vision is to create a company rooted in “community, creativity and connectedness, and to leave a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives”. Haddad is also passionate about giving back to the community. She aims to connect with students, community organizations, charities and women-owned businesses.

Once COVID-19 hit many fitness and wellness instructors had to move to a live and on-demand streaming platform, Haddad was no different. And for now, until the physical studio opens, you can find poolside classes at its neighbor, the boutique hotel Montauk Beach House.

Through her own practice, she promotes a calm, grounded, resilient and aware state of mind. Her Iyengar-inspired and Vinyasa-style yoga classes are created to gently open the body and produce cutting-edge postures and meditation.

ONEYOGAHOUSE in Montauk, Photo: Alyssa Merwin

What do you think of the opening?
There were so many challenges leading up to the opening of the studio. Due to the closure, we moved to a live and on-demand streaming platform and then added outdoor yoga classes under socially distanced protocols.

We have gone to great lengths to keep our studios safe and prepared when we open with strict cleaning procedures and safety plans to ensure we are doing our best to keep our students and staff safe. our staff and practice together more easily. Most of us have been greatly affected at home by personal tragedies and around the world by the scale of suffering, injustice, pain and trauma.

It is especially important now more than ever to pay attention, gain knowledge, cultivate relationships, support each other and stay diligently grounded around our mission. To turn setbacks into lessons of growth, knowing how we think, act, and feel truly creates our personal reality. I hope that when we open our doors, students will be moved to vibrate towards this collective energy and consciousness so that our actions and thoughts come together in harmony.

Why did you choose Montauk for your studio location?
I chose Brooklyn and Montauk because they are communities where I fell deeply in love with so many things that brought me joy, things that really matter, and where I discovered my passion and purpose. My husband and I are residents of East Hampton and Brooklyn, and I’ve spent some of my favorite times over the past 12 years in Montauk – surfing, riding triathlons and charity rides, serving practicing yoga, hosting unforgettable dinner parties, and making incredible connections.

I was also drawn to opening a studio in Montauk because of the energetic connection to the ocean, surf, and nature. Both yoga and surfing have elements of humility, healing and meditation. They remind us that we are constantly evolving and that we must practice living in consciousness, here and now.

ONEYOGAHOUSE in Montauk, Photo: Alyssa Merwin

What do you hope to bring to the community of Montauk?
My hope is to leave a lasting impact. Provide space for intentional movement, mindfulness, and a growth-oriented experience. I want their experience, from the moment they are greeted at reception, to the moment they walk out, to be uplifting, somewhere they can feel at home, discover their true authentic nature and experience A collective consciousness, while having a little fun.

Yoga has been a transformative practice for me, and I hope to empower students, support local businesses, and continue to run charity classes, brainstorm ideas, and help each other thrive. I always wonder, what can I do with what I have? It’s about using my platform for my teachers and students to raise their voices, be brave, and nurture relationships to make our community stronger.

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