AYUSH Ministry promotes Professor (Dr.) Rajendra Nikumbhas International Yoga Instructor of JJT University

Famous Yogacharya (Teacher) of Dhule and Yoga Teacher at JJT University, Dr Rajendra Nikumbh has been promoted to International Yoga Teacher and Evaluator by Yoga Department, AYUSH Ministry, Central Government of India. There are only eighteen people from all over India who passed this “surveillance test” were promoted. Meanwhile, Dr Nikumbh received the first prize in the national level yoga competition held on the occasion of the 159th centenary of the birth of Bharat Ratna Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya, near the largest and famous Hindu university in Banaras d ‘Asia, Department of Ayurveda and Yoga, Institute of Medical Sciences. Simultaneously, Dr Nikumbh was also entitled to the first prize of the “Virtual Education Competition” and the “Slogan Competition” organized at national level. national level and over five thousand people from all over India attended. Dr Nikumbh has also already been appointed examiner by AYUSH Ministry for the Yoga Certification Board exam. The Yoga Certification Board set up by the Department of AYUSH, Government of India is reviewing international yoga professionals. On these achievements, Yogrishi Swami Ramdev, Ayurveda Shiromani Acharya Balkrishna, Dr. Vinod Tibrewala, President of JJT University; Pro-Chairperson Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla,; President Dr (Col) Nagaraj Mantha; Pro-Chairman Dr (Commodore) Jawahar Jangir; Pro-Chairman Dr Anurag; CEO Dr Charanjit Kaur Pabla; MP Dr Subhash Bhamre; Mr. LA Dr Farooq Sheikh; Patanjal The international coordinator of i, Mr. Jaideep Arya, and many dignitaries from yoga and various fields congratulated Dr. Nikumbh for his honored achievement.

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