Double Amputee Yoga Instructor | This double Bengal amputee yoga teacher is inspiration personified

Source: royarpita_yoga | Photo credit: Instagram

The story of West Bengal yoga teacher Arpita Roy is one of courage, iron will and determination to never give up.

She can do a perfect pear tree, flex her body like a rubber band, and do things even a gym goer can’t. But she has no legs.

The 33-year-old suffered a huge setback early in her life when she lost both of her legs. But that never stopped her from doing what she loves the most.

Roy maintains an Instagram account ‘royarpita_yoga’ where she shares photos and videos of her workouts.

The page shows Roy performing the most difficult asanas with ease and grace. The fact that she has prosthetic legs seems to make no difference as her yoga quality is among the best.

Roy grew up in Barrackpore, where his dreams came to an end after an accident in 2006 led to a double amputation, according to a Indian express report.

Fifteen years later, her determination has made her a successful yoga trainer who helps clients improve their physical and mental fitness.

But the journey was not easy.

“When the accident happened, I completely accepted it,” she said, quoting Indian Express.

Roy’s recovery journey took a long time. She received prosthetic legs eight months after the accident. Even though she was adjusting well to her new limbs, she was often haunted by the fact that she had different abilities.

She said people looked at her often and she was also treated as a burden. It went on for many years until she began to ignore comments and focus on her goals.

Her foray into yoga began when she began to gain weight due to her sedentary lifestyle. At first she experimented with different forms of exercise, but eventually decided on yoga because she found it “physically and mentally relaxing”.

It has been almost six years since she started taking yoga classes. Now her skills have become so good that she has become a professional instructor helping others.

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