Easy and effective yoga poses for breastfeeding mothers

Women should take special care of themselves when breastfeeding. During their postpartum period, they go through a number of changes, both physical and mental. It is essential that they take good care of themselves during this time.

Yoga is believed to have many health benefits, especially for new mothers. “If you are a new breastfeeding mom, including yoga in your daily routine can be a healthy way to lead a happy life,” said Nitika Kohli, Ayurvedic physician.

In an Instagram post, Dr Kohli shared “some of the most effective and easiest yoga poses for breastfeeding mothers.” To find.

Here is a list of yoga poses you can practice if you’re a new breastfeeding mom – and the various benefits that come with them.


It is one of the poses that lengthens the spine and increases the mobility and elasticity of the muscles of the neck, back and arms of the nursing mother.

Padmasana (lotus position)

It relaxes the mind and reduces stress hormones.

Cobra pose

This helps strengthen the lower back and spine, strengthen the buttocks in the case of the nursing mother.

Child pose

This pose gives a gentle stretch to the mother’s hips, pelvis, thighs and spine.

Plank posture

It works great for strengthening the abs, back muscles, and arms. This pose also burns the calories gained during pregnancy.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

Regular practice leaves a feeling of energy, health and calm throughout the day.

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