I’m a Yoga Instructor Living in LA – Here Are 8 Yoga Shorts I Swear By

That you practice yoga a lot, you dip into it here and there, or plan to jump in, wearing a comfortable outfit is the key to allowing you to properly practice your yoga poses and enjoy the physical and mental benefits it has to offer.

Although we all have a faithful pair of leggings in our wardrobe that we reach when we practice yoga, today we look at yoga shorts, a great alternative to Yoga pants that allow you to move freely, easily check your body alignment and are ideal for practicing hot yoga.

Yoga shorts (or clothing for that matter) don’t have to be expensive. The most important part is that they are comfortable, stretchy, and conform to your body perfectly.

So what are the best yoga shorts? We brought in an LA based yoga instructor Rebecca watson, who practices asanas five days a week and meditates daily to share the yoga shorts she loves and swears by. Check out her choices below and get inspired by her Instagram to try out some of her energizing and grounded poses.

Beyond yoga High Waist Circuit Shorts ($ 56)

“The space-tinted material of these Beyond Yoga shorts is super soft and moves with you. The cropped fit is great for hot yoga.”

Carbon38 High Waist Biker Shorts in Takara Shine ($ 68)

“These are sleek and sleek, and they work well from the studio to the street. “

Under protection Ultimate shorty ($ 30)

“These have such a soft and comfy fabric. Plus, I love the striped details and the cute color combo.”

Wolf Summit Crossover High Waist Shorts ($ 62)

“These come in fun, trippy prints when you want more color. They are made from durable materials and have a very comfortable V-shaped waistband. “

Mika yoga Short light Cherise ($ 50)

“The fun, adjustable side ties provide fuller coverage or a more wrinkled look. They’re great for hot yoga and can double as a board bottom or swimsuit if needed.”

Nike Women’s 3 “Pro Shorts ($ 30)

“A classic. This pair has tons of color options. The absorbent material is great for hot yoga.”

Uniqlo Women’s Active Ultra Stretch Shorts ($ 20)

“These are fun, chic and have handy pockets! “

Carbon38 High Rise Cloud Compression Biker Shorts ($ 68)

“The soft compression material is sleek and provides a secure feel. It has a matte finish for added subtlety.”

Shop more yoga shorts

PF movement Hot Shot Cycling Shorts ($ 30)

Like a second skin, this high-waisted, soft-fit pair stretches with you as you move.

Athlete Elation 8 “Short in Powervita ($ 59)

Soft to the touch with support that feels like a soft hug.

Lululemon Line up short to extra high waist 10 “ ($ 58)

Designed for yoga, these super-soft shorts are breathable and wick away sweat.

Alo Yoga High waist Airlift shorts ($ 56)

Enjoy hot yoga and smooth movement in these super-soft, high-performance lifting shorts with a second-skin feel.

Nike Infinalon Women’s Yoga Shorts ($ 50)

Made with an incredibly soft and stretchy Nike Infinalon fabric, these high waisted shorts are breathable and slightly compressive.

Lululemon Line up shorts 6 “ ($ 58)

Lululemon’s Align Shorts have added Lycra for stretch and shape retention.

Alo Yoga High waist biker shorts ($ 56)

Crafted from Alo’s signature airbrush fabric, this pair sculpts, lifts and smooths.

PF movement Short suspension time ($ 48)

Featuring an ultra-high waist with a reinforced waistband, these cute shorts will keep you moving.

Oalka Yoga shorts ($ 13)

These get so many rave reviews on Amazon. We love the handy pockets and they are available in a plethora of cool colors.

Athlete Short Studio 2.5 ($ 40)

The high waist offers optimal support.

Following, my black yoga pants are crying to be replaced, here are my search results.

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