Is ‘Psycho Yoga Instructor’ based on a true story? It has real parallels

Lifetime seems to take pride in its goofy crime movies, often giving them nonsensical titles like baby for sale Where Deadly Daycare, but the latest Lifetime movie may take the cake for over-the-top names. It’s called Psycho-yoga teacher, and as you’ve probably guessed, is about a sociopathic yoga instructor who develops a dangerous fixation on one of his married students. Fans can expect the same kind of guilty pleasure melodrama they get from Lifetime’s other films, but should they also expect something deeper? Is Psycho-yoga teacher based on a true story?

Lifetime does not appear to have claimed that Psycho-yoga teacher was based on a true story, so it probably isn’t. It’s not entirely hard to believe, as the story seems quite absurd. Here is the full synopsis:

“Justine Grace is desperate to get her life, her marriage to her husband Tom, and herself in order. When Domenic, a handsome yoga teacher, takes an interest in her, it seems like he’s the one who will bring finally happiness in his life.. However, he has ideas that go beyond yoga. Justine must find the strength within herself to save her marriage, save her life and survive a sociopath as he tries to seduce her in the perfect pose.”

As ridiculous as Psycho-yoga teacher It might seem like there are actually several examples of real-life examples of misbehaving yoga instructors that Lifetime could have used as inspiration for the film, had they been so inclined.

Will Rodsawang/Moment/Getty Images

A story that sounds more like a Lifetime movie plot than a real life tale is the story of twins Alison and Ann Dadow. The two sisters had operated struggling yoga studios together, first in West Palm Beach, FL in 2011, then in Park City, UT in 2014. The couple then moved to Hawaii shortly after declaring bankruptcy on their Utah studio in late 2014, according to for The cup. They started using new names – Alexandria and Anastasia Duval, respectively – and planned to open a new studio together, The cup also reports. But then things took a dark turn. In May 2016, Alison (Alexandria) allegedly drove her car off a cliff in Maui while Ann (Anastasia) was in the passenger seat. Alison survived the crash while Ann was killed, and witnesses claimed to have seen a struggle in the car before the crash. Alison was arrested and charged with second degree murder, but in 2018 she was found not guilty of the crime, according to the palm beach post.

Psycho-yoga teacher probably isn’t based on a true story, but given the sordid history of real yoga instructors like the Dadow twins, few would be surprised if it was.