Local Yoga Instructor Makes A Self-Esteem Party | Local News

“We’re really trying to come up with other ways to help take care of yourself,” said Harmon, “that people maybe haven’t been able to experience or have not had access to before.”

And those who have children can also enjoy the party. There will be a children’s area with workshops and classes on mindfulness, movement and lots of crafts.

Harmon said there will be classes any time of the day, from beginner to advanced, at the festival. There should be something available for everyone, so no one has to worry about experience levels.

“There are several classes available for each level of human who might want to be a part of our event,” she explained.

She is also excited about the local businesses that will be attending the event. With the economic impact of the pandemic, she feels the community – be it the community as a whole or the small business community – needs to come together to get out of this.

Harmon said she was excited to finally see the festival come to life after months of planning. She said the main goal is simply to bring love back to the forefront of people’s minds, be it self-love or love of neighbor.

“I’m all about spreading love, and that seems like one of the best ways to do it,” Harmon said. “It’s just about reminding people that love is there, and that’s the point. Sometimes we forget it. Hope this is a good reminder.

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