NFL Giants’ Odell Beckham yoga instructor reveals performance poses

New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. signed a record $ 95 million contract in August, making him the highest-paid wide receiver in NFL history, as reported by CNBC.

He is known to train for up to three hours a day, but he Is yoga to work on dexterity and flexibility in your training regimen: “[I do] yoga, pilates. Yogilates … every day that I can, “he told the Men’s Journal.” At the end of the day, you’re just stretching yourself. You get stronger, lying down and in flexible positions. “

“Doing yoga helps him become a better athlete,” Claire Grieve, a yoga teacher whose clients include Beckham, Make It told CNBC.

“Every time Odell walks into a private yoga session he is in a good mood, smiling, happy and positive. He loves music and often plays his playlists with me, sometimes dancing with delicate movements between his yoga poses.” , she says. .

“I have never seen someone with such coordination! Personally, I think their positive attitude is the key to success.”

Odell Beckham Jr. # 13 of the New York Giants warms up before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at MetLife Stadium on September 9, 2018 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Mike Lawrie | Getty Images

Grieve says that if this is a group yoga class, she’s seen Beckham dance an entire room between sets and that she’s never seen someone so excited about the idea to try a new hamstring stretch.

“When I work with Odell, we do a lot to stretch his hamstrings and hip flexors with poses like tilted big toe pose with a strap, pigeon pose and a low lunge, ”Grieve says. “More than anything, these poses help her prevent back injuries. We are also working on its core strength. All movement starts in the core, so poses like the plank can really have advantages on the court. “

Odell Beckham # 13 of the New York Giants before a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 9, 2018 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Jim McIsaac | Getty Images

Grieve says Beckham is dedicated to improvement.

“He will try anything that can help him become a better player, on and off the pitch. He works really hard to hone his yoga skills. I think you can really see those skills show up in his game.… [Y]Yoga helps develop core balance, stability and strength by working the body and mind of athletes in a completely different way from their daily routine.

“Yoga is also a great tool to relax and rejuvenate … The meditative component of yoga can to improve to sleep, reduce stress and I think it helps athletes achieve their goals on the field through visualization. “

Grieve still uses several yoga poses with athletes: Warrior 2 and Warrior 3 both help with concentration, whole body strength and balance; plank pose strengthens the core; and the pigeon is a hip opener. “Doing these poses for just 30 seconds at a time can help,” she says.

These poses work for everyone, not just athletes, especially those who sit at a desk all day.

“I think it’s important for people to move as much as possible if you’re sitting all day. Your systems and energy are sluggish, which has all kinds of health implications. From a mindfulness standpoint. it is also very important to take breaks during the day to release tension and breathe. “