Quit your job, become… a yoga teacher

© Rob Greig

Olga Allon, 39, director and lead teacher at Hot Yoga Society

Why did you decide to practice hot yoga instead of normal cold yoga?

‘I fell in love with it. Ten years ago, there weren’t many hot yoga studios and I felt huge benefits doing it, so I thought it was the right move. But I am also a qualified architect.

Wow. Was the transition from architecture to yoga difficult?

“It was incredibly hard to get away from the security of a nine-to-five job and a paycheck, but it was getting more and more frustrating to be in an office environment. I also knew that at some point I wanted to start a family. The unknown was really intimidating, but it was exciting at the same time because I knew I wanted to have that freedom to choose how I spent my days.

What does an average day look like now that you’re the boss?

“The day normally starts around 6:30am with mindful meditation, then it’s straight to the yoga studio, taking classes, teaching, meeting people to grow the business, spending time with my staff and teachers, and testing new classes.”

Do you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for this job?

‘Absoutely. If I’m going to preach this lifestyle and have a studio that’s actually focused on health and wellness, I have to live it myself.

Are there ever awkward moments lol in your class?

“We have a pose called ‘wind suppression pose’ and it does exactly what it says on the package. It’s supposed to empty your bowels, so you tend to pass some gas. Also, when people wear white and it gets wet with sweat, it may become see-through. My best advice is not to wear white.

So you have to be able to keep a straight face to do this job?

‘Absolutely not. I like teaching with a big smile on my face and being able to laugh in the room. Not taking it too seriously is extremely important.

Hours: 40 per week

Starting salary: £35 per lesson

Qualifications: Yoga Teacher Certification

Or, why not become an aquarist?