Woman training to be a yoga instructor seriously injured in accident in India; needs help getting home – WSB-TV Channel 2

COBB COUNTY, Georgia – A family desperately seeks to bring their loved one home after they were seriously injured in a hit and run crash in Rishikish, India on June 10.

Daphne Cesair says her 33-year-old daughter Rolanda Lane is in terrible shape after the crash.

“She can’t move. She can’t bend her knees. She can’t walk. She can’t stand it, ”Cesair said. “She said she was really shocked she wasn’t dead.”

She shared a video of her daughter recovering after a truck hit her while she was on her motorbike.

The truck rolled over Lane’s lower body and continued to roll.

“She was left on the street unconscious,” Cesair said.

Lane’s brother says it hurts to talk to him on the phone.

“I’ve never heard her like that. She was just in pain, screaming and screaming, ”said Adon Cesair.

Lane’s mother says her daughter is not receiving the level of care she needs. She says she was quickly released from the hospital.

Lane had gone to India to get a license for her lifelong dream of being a yoga teacher; but now she is struggling to return home after the accident.

The family are trying to get her back to the United States to get her the medical care she desperately needs. However, retrieving it by air is expensive.

“They range from $ 50,000 to over $ 200,000,” said Daphne Cesair.


They receive help from their church, friends, family and colleagues, but unfortunately it is not enough.

Lane’s mother said, “The minute I lay my eyes on her will be an answered prayer.”

The family say this involved their members of Congress and Lane’s father obtained an emergency passport and visa. He’s in India with her now.

The driver who hit her was arrested.

If you want to help this family bring Lane home, you can donate here.

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