Yoga benefits mental health – Scot Scoop News

As schools continue, clubs are resuming through the use of Zoom due to the pandemic.

One of the clubs which has resumed its classes is the Yoga Club.

In 2017, a Carlmont sophomore, Iman Sarsour, founded the Yoga Club. According to Maddy Becker, the current president of the Yoga Club, Sarsour was truly passionate about wellness. This was an opportunity for Carlmont students and staff to take classes in self-care, quality mediation and yoga.

Certified yoga instructor Lucy Finn teaches yoga poses and mediation to club members for free. Yoga has helped her in many ways.

“It’s helped me mentally. I’m definitely more flexible…and it’s helped me get to know my body better. I can self-regulate my emotions,” Finn said. myself… It makes my body feel better when I’m done with a little session.”

Before the pandemic, students and a few teachers would join the club on Wednesday mornings as a nice way to start the day. However, because of the pandemic, Becker decided to move the meetings to Friday at 3:15 p.m.

“It’s really nice to have as a tool to help manage stress [because] there’s so much stress and anxiety right now, like being stuck at home because of COVID-19,” said Carlmont senior Saylor Reinders. “It’s nice to have a place to take some time away from it all…after a stressful week.”

According to Finn, having an online Zoom course is upsetting because they are not able to have a sense of community and there are not as many participants as last year. It was also a struggle for Finn to teach at the club via Zoom during the pandemic.

“I feel less in control, seeing everyone through a screen. I’m less confident as a teacher because of the blockage, which can only see what I can see through the screen,” Finn said. “I just don’t feel comfortable making [poses]. I just miss doing in person [lessons].”

However, according to Becker, Finn does a great job of teaching the students as she walks them through the poses and sets the camera up perfectly. The only difficulties faced by Becker are technological problems.

“The only thing that’s annoying is that yoga is supposed to be relaxing, so if anyone ever has technical difficulties, it might take away from the relaxing factor,” Becker said.

Finn and Becker always welcome new club members and encourage them to join the club if they are curious or interested. New club members have the ability to just watch, and they don’t need to turn on their camera.

“It’s really nice to still have those classes and… see them continue. I am grateful to everyone involved and to have had such a great instructor,” Becker said. “I love the club. I love yoga. And I think it’s just a really good activity.