Yoga instructor and founder of wellness promotes inclusiveness, proving that yoga can be for everyone

Jessamyn Stanley proves that the art of yoga can be embraced by anyone, regardless of shape, size, color or gender. For those feeling overwhelmed by pandemic stress, Stanley can offer plenty of encouragement to take a yoga mat into your own home for the sake of mental health and personal well-being.

On her website, Stanley says she is a yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. While breaking stereotypes, Stanley is a body positive supporter who focuses on how his yoga students feel, as opposed to how they look, when they engage in the practice of yoga. The internationally renowned yogi also uses the flow of high energy vinyasa as a way to overcome mental and emotional barriers.

The website also revealed that in the fall of 2011, semi-regular practice of Bikram yoga had started. Stanley’s flexibility has increased dramatically since she started practicing yoga.

“My favorite yoga studio is located in my living room. It consists of my yoga mat, some recycled accessories, and my Samsung Galaxy tablet that plays music if I do my own stream or my classes through, ”Stanley explained on his website.

But Stanley didn’t immediately embrace yoga. Her Tumblr account provided some insight into the previous aspect of the trip.

“I was 16, my aunt dragged me and encouraged me to join her in a Bikram yoga class. For those of you who have never tried it, the Bikram is a series of 26 postures performed for 90 minutes in a very hot room. How hot is very hot? About 105 degrees, ”Stanley added.

The yoga guru continued to recount her journey on Tumblr, while revealing that she wanted to try yoga practice again, but studio Bikram’s yoga rates were financially difficult. She later embraced the idea of ​​a home yoga practice, instead of a classroom environment.

“I developed a model: discovering cool new yoga poses through the vast online yoga community, obsessively researching them using the online yoga journal, and then practicing the preparatory positions suggested by YJ before focus on ‘mastering’ * the new pose, ”Stanley explained.

Keeping an open mind has taken Stanley to phenomenal places in business and life. In fact, Stanley became the author of Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body. Additionally, subscribers can pick up their yoga mats and take classes through the Virtual Yoga Studio with Stanley-led video content on the Underbelly app. Plus, there’s even an Underbelly community.

Afrotech reported that Stanley and his team have seen a huge increase in the number of subscribers to the platform, amid the pandemic. Stanley further explained why she wanted to create an inclusive space.

“So I wanted to create a space where everyone, no matter where you’re from, what you look like or what’s going on in your life, feels like it’s good to be themselves because I really felt like in the digital space which was it doesn’t happen. The Underbelly is a space where we celebrate what makes you unique and what makes you different, and make room for anyone who has ever felt marginalized, especially in the wellness industry, to be reflected. Stanley told Afrotech.

Thanks to Stanley, more people around the world can be inspired to adopt their body type, one yoga pose at a time.