Yoga instructor Eylin Pérez Chu Molina gives us several reasons why yoga can change lives for good

“We are all teachers and students in this institution called life”, a profound quote from Eylin Pérez Chu Molina. She is a yoga teacher from Lima, Peru who has brought immense positivity to everyone’s life with her yoga sessions. As a yoga teacher, she considers herself a student because her whole life has been a learning experience. Her first yoga session was in 2001, during summer vacation, and has been an integral part of her life ever since. However, Eylin did not think about working as a yoga teacher.

His first career choice was to become a doctor. She even attended Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia to earn a medical degree. However, she quickly changed her course and enrolled in the prestigious French cooking and hospitality school, Le Cordon Bleu, in Peru. Before becoming a yoga teacher, she obtained her certification and diploma as a pastry chef. “I always wanted to test my potential, and these jobs were demanding but didn’t fascinate me,” said Eylin. Additionally, she said yoga has been a part of her life from a young age.

During her senior year in high school in 2010, Eylin signed up for a Power Yoga class at Lima Yoga, a renowned studio in her hometown. The sessions Eylin attended changed her outlook on life. “I started attending various other yoga sessions and workshops. Yoga has indeed helped me improve my overall well-being, and a lot has improved in me over the past few years, ”she added. The yoga sessions took her out of her comfort zone, as many asanas were difficult and required bodily flexibility. Through constant practice over the years, Eylin has grown into a top notch yoga teacher today.

It was in 2015 that she took her first yoga teacher training. During this time, she underwent two surgeries after suffering from endometriosis. “It was a tough time, but yoga and meditation turned every problem into a solution. It healed my body and soul and gave new meaning to life, ”Eylin added. On top of that, she is passionate about fitness and has always insisted on the need for good nutrition and good sleep. Not only that, in 2017, she had another ankle surgery that prevented her from walking for two months. Hard times have passed and the yoga teacher is back on track and inspiring thousands of people with her teachings.

“Everything I learned was from the teachers who absorbed a great deal of knowledge into me. There is nothing better than acquiring wisdom and sharing it with the world, ”says Eylin. Overcoming all health issues, she travels the world and has traveled to many countries for yoga workshops including India, Netherlands, France, Bali, USA and Nepal. Currently residing in Doha, she wants to travel to other countries after the pandemic. Well, this dynamic personality is indeed an inspiration to anyone who has thought about giving up on life. All we want is Eylin Pérez Chu Molina to bring positive change and continue the amazing work she is doing.

Posted on February 9, 2021

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