Yoga instructor gets attacked by prying iguana while training on beach – World News

The video has racked up more than 3.5 million views after it was uploaded to Twitter and attracted thousands of comments from social media users.

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Women bitten by iguana while practicing yoga on the beach

A yoga instructor caused a stir on the internet after a video posted online of her being attacked by an iguana during her beach routine.

The video was posted to Twitter by user @bahamahoopyogi and shows a woman stretching her back arched against a golden beach on a sunny day as she works out.

But the scene soon takes a turn when she comes across the lizard who was watching, and who could not resist the temptation to take a bite out of his hand.

Reacting immediately to the pinch, she can be heard screaming curses at the baffled animal as she throws a handful of sand at him.

The video has been viewed millions of times


@ bahamahoopyogi / Twitter)

The video has racked up over 3.5 million views and attracted thousands of comments from social media users.

She later wrote of the incident: “Everyone keeps asking me if I haven’t seen him.

“To be clear, there were iguanas all over the beach. People go there to feed them all the time.

Thousands of people took advantage of the comments to express their bemusement at the attack.

One of them said: “This iguana stayed there after he bit it like ‘yes I did and what’.”

A second added: “What made me weak was the way he bit you and (stayed) just (there) to watch you get angry.”

While another said, “I have lived on a tropical island for 10 years and this is the first time I have seen an iguana bite someone.

The creatures, which mainly live in Central and South America and the Caribbean, have “unusually sharp teeth” that can cause “severe cuts”, experts say.

Pet website Animal lover writes: “An iguana bite is neither poisonous nor poisonous, but it can cause serious damage.

His finger has recovered


@ bahamahoopyogi / Twitter)

“Iguanas have atrophied venom glands that produce only very weak and harmless venom. Their bites can cause serious injury to the fingers, ankles, wrists and face.”

He goes on to say that anyone bitten by an iguana is recommended to undergo medical treatment and take a course of antibiotics.

The hapless yoga instructor has since confirmed that her finger has recovered and she went to the doctor who prescribed treatment.

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