Yoga Instructor Holds Scorpion Pose For 29 Minutes And Creates Guinness World Record

Doing yoga requires not only skill and technique, but also immense patience. It consists of a number of poses that many find difficult to pull off. But, one yoga instructor has taken the ancient practice to another level by setting a Guinness World Record.

Dubai-based yoga instructor Yash Moradiya wowed everyone by holding the Upside-Down Scorpion Pose (Vrischikasana) for the longest duration. He held the position for 29 minutes and four seconds straight and won the Guinness World Record title, as reported by Khaleej Times.

Yash broke the previous record by 4 minutes and 47 seconds.

Apparently, 22-year-old Yash started practicing yoga as an extracurricular activity at school. He was only eight years old at the time and quickly became interested in the ancient form of exercise. He constantly practiced yoga poses and shone at championships showcasing his immaculate skills.

Later, Yash decided to explore art and studied ancient yoga philosophy and knowledge. With the knowledge he gained and consistent practice, Yash began working towards his goal of holding poses for longer durations.

For the scorpion pose, Yash practiced three hours a day and developed the required stamina and patience. “The challenge was to stabilize the mind after the first five minutes,” Yash said. The instructor added that he started losing his balance as soon as he entered the pose. “It was by focusing on my inner strength that I continued,” he added.

Yash had been practicing the scorpion pose for over five years and was gradually perfecting his posture. He said the pose requires more stability than other poses. He added that holding the pose longer builds mental resilience that can help deal with critical situations.

Highlighting the importance of yoga, Yash said, “yoga has the ability to transform our physical and mental well-being.” He pointed out that it can make us realize our hidden potential “away from limiting thoughts.”

Reiterating the benefits of yoga, Yash said it gives the ability to give life a new direction and helps shape our outlook.

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