Yoga instructor Lucy Nickson launches Rebalance Studios, York

A YOGA instructor was forced to use her imagination as she started a business while juggling motherhood with a baby and a young son.

Lucy Nickson was one half of the duo behind Millfield Fitness Studio in Clifton, York, which had to close due to coronavirus restrictions and then operate under strict conditions.

To survive the impact of the pandemic, the studio moved online with classes running virtually all day.

Pregnant, Lucy continued to teach remotely from her home throughout the first confinement despite terrible morning sickness.

Lucy suffered from terrible morning sickness but continued classes during the lockdown.

When her business partner Debbie Jenkins chose to pursue her own business, Lucy decided to take the plunge and go solo.

She set out to put her own mark on the business and relaunched Rebalance Studios, offering yoga, fitness and pilates, while caring for her new daughter Poppy and son Arthur.

“After finally being allowed to open in May, I renamed and refurbished the studio, laid floors, taught a full timetable – all with a three year old and nine month old baby and under Covid restrictions,” Lucy said.

“To say it’s been a whirlwind would be a huge understatement, but I’m really proud of what I’ve created and that our members have come back and love it.”

Lucy, who was a musical theater performer in London before moving back to York with her husband Pete, added: ‘I had a terrible illness during the pregnancy. Everybody was watching me stream lessons then rush [to be sick]. We just carried on. They were really understanding.

“Naïvely I thought when we reopened the numbers would be back to normal, but we were operating at 30% of normal capacity due to social distancing.

“Going on maternity leave meant we could reduce the schedule to what it looks like now. My priority remains my family but I love the studio and the community.

York Press:

Lucy, taking lessons from home during lockdown, while pregnant and caring for her young son.

Lucy said her customers have remained supportive – a key reason to continue.

“I took the studio back to everything I used to love doing – yoga, fitness and pilates. It was a huge journey and I did it all on my own. I’m not at 100% capacity because that I don’t want to. It’s been a balance of making it a business as well as a community that people want to come back to.