Yoga instructor offers online classes to help others continue training during quarantine

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many workout instructors have decided to teach classes online, to help others continue with their routines.

Yoga teacher Colleen Harshbarger uses the Zoom app to teach her yoga classes online. She explained that it is important to take a step back from the chaos of the pandemic.

“I think right now we all need to do what we can to help each other stay grounded, stay present, be intentional about the types of energy we are actually deploying in the world,” Harshbarger explained. “And do our best to help each other and ourselves.”

Harshbarger is an experienced and registered yoga teacher and has been teaching since 1994. She explained that she wanted to find the best way to be accessible during this time.

“I wanted to make an offer in a way that would be useful to my students but also accessible to anyone who might benefit,” Harshbarger said.

She explained that there are many tools in yoga, many of which can teach people to self-regulate and find peace.

“The way they use their mind, the way they use their breathing, the way they feel emotions, the way they move their body,” Harshbarger described.

Each online class is suitable for all skill levels and includes yoga poses focused on alignment, work on breathing, yoga philosophy, and meditation. Registration is required for each course, and the course is offered for $ 8.

Harshbarger is also offering a free coupon for those who cannot afford the course during this time.

To register or find out more about yoga classes online, by click here to go to West Virginia Wellness website.