Yoga Instructor Shraddha Iyer on Yoga Asanas for Nursing Mothers

There is no stronger pillar of strength, motivation and determination than a new mother. After going through the phase of childbirth, the new phase of nursing your newborn presents itself uninterrupted to her and she embraces it with the greatest joy. But emotions can’t outweigh the physical exhaustion, fatigue and pain a new mother goes through at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.Read also – Yoga can relieve the symptoms of heart rhythm disorder

Hours spent breastfeeding your newborn, holding him in a particular position with almost no rest, can take a toll on an already tired mother. During the breastfeeding phase, new mothers are advised to refrain from over straining, but there are a few stretches one can do to ease the pain your body is feeling from breastfeeding. Here we are mentioning some yoga poses for breastfeeding mothers suggested by Shraddha Iyer, Master Instructor, Sarva & Diva Yoga. Also Read – Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga Trick to Clear Unwanted Thoughts from the Mind

child pose

It is a gentle and relaxing pose that opens your hips and calms the mind. It also relieves lower back pain, which is very common in breastfeeding mothers. Practice this pose for a few minutes every day to relax your back, chest, shoulders, and neck.

bridge pose

Also known as Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana, this pose is great for stretching back muscles that can get tight from sitting for long hours next to your baby. This pose not only stretches your back, but also strengthens the muscles in your hips, shoulders, and chest. Practice this pose with caution and avoid overstretching.

cow face pose

Also known as Goumukhkasana, this pose is great for stretching your seated muscles, shoulders, and armpits. A few minutes of this pose every day could do wonders for your health. If you are a breastfeeding mother who holds her baby for long hours with your back arched, you must perform this asana.

While these poses are great for any breastfeeding mom to stay active, stretch muscles, and relax, it’s more important to listen to and respect the natural healing your body is doing. Postpartum recovery is all about loving yourself, taking care of yourself, and thanking your body for the incredible journey it’s been on.