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Yoga is the answer for anyone looking to exercise, mental decompression


Yoga has many benefits, both mentally and physically.

For many students, there is always a time when we are stressed about an assignment, a test, or worried about pass a class. My first year of college didn’t go as planned and my spring semester was cut short with all online classes. It was a particularly stressful time, coupled with trying to learn from home with a slower internet connection.

At the start of last year’s spring semester when times were considered normal, I decided to take a beginner yoga class. It was a good hour of my day after class focusing on myself while exercising without feeling like I had run five kilometers. I discovered that there is a lot of physics, the benefits of yoga on mental and emotional health.

To some, yoga may seem like an abnormal way of exercising, but it does provide you with physical health benefits.

When I first started practicing yoga, I thought I was quite a flexible person. I quickly realized that I was wrong when I tried to touch my toes, and I couldn’t. After a few workouts I felt more comfortable and saw an improvement in my flexibility. It takes time and patience to make certain movements.

Kathryn Jones, yoga instructor at UREC, said yoga helps increase our flexibility.

“Globally, [yoga is] just a great way to supplement your physical activity, ”Jones said.

There are also mental and emotional benefits to doing yoga. When I practice, I feel more relaxed and in the moment. I don’t care about the things going on in my life.

WSU yoga instructor Aletha Lassiter said she focuses on the mindfulness aspect of yoga.

“When we pay more attention to our bodies, we can make choices that we value that are good for us rather than being a push,” Lassiter said.

Yoga can help us become more aware of ourselves and live in the moment. Mindfulness in yoga can help us be more reflective and make better decisions. When you sit down and focus on deep breathing, you learn to cancel the world around you.

When we think of yoga, we normally imagine a mat, sportswear, and music in the background. However, we can actually practice yoga while sitting in a chair or just standing; anyone can practice yoga, and it can be practiced almost anywhere.

Ajay Barman, yoga instructor at UREC, said we can learn important breathing techniques.

“We don’t need any gym equipment,” Barman said. “We don’t have to go anywhere. We can do it from home. “

Learning breathing techniques can help reduce stress and keep you focused on what’s going on right now. I often find this exercise useful before taking exams or doing an assignment that seems 100 times harder than it should be.

There are many ways to practice yoga, whether it is breathe or do more demanding techniques. I encourage everyone to try yoga whether you are in good physical shape or not at least once as it is a very useful thing to do when dealing with stress., especially during a hectic time like now.

If you want to try yoga, there are plenty of free videos available online. UREC also offers different types of yoga classes online and in person. If you are looking for additional course credit, you can take a PE yoga class at WSU.

Whichever way you decide to try yoga, I believe you will find it beneficial and rewarding for your health and well-being.

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