Yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy

New Delhi: Your body just isn’t the same when you’re carrying a developing child. Your internal organs shift and constrict to make room for your growing uterus. Yoga has many benefits during pregnancy, including building pelvic strength and preparing your body for labor, but there are certain yoga poses to avoid when you’re pregnant. The following yoga poses are completely prohibited during pregnancy:

Turned Side Angle Pose

Pretty much as soon as you see a bump, or beyond the first trimester, you want to stop doing exercises that require you to twist along the midline. Baby is trying to grow in there and you don’t want to clutter up her space.

Complete wheel

Full wheeling isn’t actually completely off-limits during pregnancy…if you’re used to it. If you are very comfortable with the pose and it is part of your regular practice, you can continue doing it until you feel no longer comfortable. For me, I did full wheel until about 25 weeks before I started editing.

However, every pregnancy is different. And again, now is not the time to force yourself to try new poses.

bow pose

After your first trimester, it’s best to avoid lying on your stomach. This makes all prone poses a no-no. When your class is doing bow poses or other prone series, it’s natural to not know what to do, but the choice is yours!

Upward Facing Dog Chaturanga

Chaturanga to an Upward-Facing Dog is generally acceptable until late in your pregnancy, when stomach weight may prevent you from keeping your pelvis elevated. You may also find that the size of your stomach prevents you from completing a vinyasa sequence.

Front fold

It’s pretty obvious that you would want to avoid a full forward bend while pregnant, but this pose can easily be changed.